Eating with Veterans: A Book Review


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War is one of the biggest costs of patriarchy. It encourages a version of masculinity that relies on dominance and violence and justifies patriarchal systems of power on a global scale. Indeed, war is one of the lynchpins of patriarchy—and as such, it is sold to boys and men as their ideal, just as beauty is sold to girls and women. Although we have many stories that reflect on the glory men earn in war—the hero come home, the grand sacrifice made meaningful in the light of patriotism—only a few count the costs of war outside this narrative. And rarest of all are those war stories that, rather than reinforcing our ideas of masculinity proven via military service and sacrifice, ask us to question all of it: war itself, a masculinity based on violence, and a society that encourages both. Michael Lund’s Eating with Veterans is such a collection of stories.

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